Thursday, January 26, 2006

Fight Eminent Domain Abuse!

The Institute for Justice has announced a new website for their Castle Coalition project to fight eminent domain abuse at the state and local level whereever possible. You can join the Castle Coalition for free. (But why not donate too?) They promise to send regular updates about efforts to combat eminent domain abuse, and tell you about opportunities in your area to fight the land grabbers.

Their web site has information on what to do if you are threatened with Eminent Domain ("we'll only use it as a last resort" is a threat to take your land if you don't agree to their price), where eminent domain cases are active around the nation.

They also have a google map showing where abuses, threats, and events are taking place. Here's the map showing just California. There's a lot going on right here that we could help with. The rest of the country has plenty of reasons to fight back as well.

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