Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I'm an introvert

I'm president of one organization, and secretary of another. I consider myself a good manager (I think I add more to a business by managing other software developers than by writing code myself.) My current job requires more self-promotion than I've had to do in a while. I'm okay with that; I have no fear of giving talks or presentations.

According to Jonathan Rauch's standards, I'm an introvert. I'd rather read than chit chat. I'm fine in a discussion of ideas (I may do more than my share of talking at our reading group), but have little interest in pleasantries. I do regularly go out for a beer with my hockey team's hard drinkers, but that's because I think cameraderie is really important in team sports. I don't talk to people while waiting in line unless there's something worth saying.

It's nice to get to the point in a relationship with someone that the silences aren't awkward. Awkward silences tell me that the relationship isn't mature yet. The Sartre quote Hell is other people at breakfast resonates for me. It's not really hell, but why can't I just read my paper quietly?

Thanks to Tyler Cowen for the pointer.

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