Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Outrageously Inhumane

Ken MacLeod has a short post on his recent attendance at a con marking the recent Apollo anniversary. Ken's highlight was a talk by a self-professed techno-utopian, who said, among other things "The idea that we should use less energy is outrageously inhumane and regressive" and "Most reycling schemes are feel-good rather than do-good, condemning us to pre-industrial, manual rooting about in rubbish." Ken has good sense and good tase. That may be why I like his science fiction.

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Robert Ayers said...

Most reycling schemes are feel-good rather than do-good
I would say "all". Recycling arrangements that are actually effective are called "businesses". Like SimsMetal in San Jose: a square block of metal recycling -- see www.simsmm.com/us/about