Thursday, October 22, 2009

Alex Tabarrok, Provocative Lecture @SJSU

A few years ago, I found a pointer to the Provocative Lecture series at San Jose State University, which had had several very interesting speakers, whom I was sorry I had missed. I couldn't find a stable place at SJSU where announcements were posted, so I ended up creating a google alert that looks for SJSU and "Provocative Lecture". It has fired periodically over the years, but it has always been a false alarm to date. More often than not it was for a review of a lecture that I had never seen announced.

Well I finally saw an announcement for a talk that hasn't happened yet. Next week, Alex Tabarrok, co-blogger on Marginal Revolution, will talk about wether the FDA is helping or hurting. October 27, 5:15, Morris Daily Auditorium.

And I still haven't seen an announcement from SJSU. The economics department's web page for the series gives details about talks from 2007 and earlier. This announcement came from a posting for the Santa Clara County Libertarian Party.

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Chris Hibbert said...

I ran into a friend at the talk, and he gave me these two pointers to private Yahoo groups that accept anyone as a member.

If you want just announcements of lectures:

If you want discussion: